Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bombs of Hades / Mordbrand - No Life Split '10

Mordbrand-Bombs of hades- Split. Ok so this is a split release. First track I listen to is by Bombs of Hades "I'll be your Sister" which happens to be Motorhead cover. Sounds good at the start but looses me later on. I am not a big Motorhead fan either so no disrespect for the band. Next track I listen to was Mordbrand "Idol of the Abattoir" this is more my speed, very good drums on this I really enjoy the vocal style - hard to compare to another band which is a good thing. Vocals remind me of old school Napalm Death or Entombed. "The Eternal Feast of Annihilation" is great I enjoy it, makes me want to headbang from beginning to the end. The cover to the split is very detailed as well, captures my attention right away. I recommend this album.

Originally published in Coffinfeeder Distro zine #6 10-1-2012

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