Saturday, December 29, 2012

Def Con One - Warface

Def Con One- Warface - I am very impressed by the heavy guitar sound on this album. I get a Boot-stomping feel when I first listen to this. There's a video on Youtube for Warface its black and white very raw and brutal. I hear at times a punk influence in their style. The album cover is simple yet effective, specially now a days with so many complex arts on album covers is good to see something simple for a change. The song "March of the Dead" is amazing, makes me feel like getting into the pit from the start. The opening track "Never Look Back" is by far my favorite. Very brutal start then into some groovy style riffing that will have you headbanging/moshing in moments.

Originally Published in Coffinfeeder Ditro Zine #6 10-1-2012

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