Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Terrifier - Destroyers of The Faith

Some solid guitar work happening all over this album. Vancouver has got themselves one killer thrash band here. Formed in 2012 Terrifier is a very hard working band playing many shows with national acts such as 3 Inches of Blood and Dismembered. The original members have actually been playing together since 2003 and is very evident in the chemistry you hear in these compositions.

The album kicks off with "The Valkyrie" a perfect opening for what is about to be experienced. Hammer Fist comes in with some riffs that remind me of early Megadeth style but much faster and involved. Welcome to Camp Blood, with a title like that you just can't go wrong, I think this track will stick in my mind for a time to come, catchy chorus and memorable hooks are pleasing to my ears, with an added solo to encompassed the entire experience. The Age of Steel, the drums are highlighted very well on this song, many different dynamics are captured. Scum Ridden Filth has an eerie and catchy feeling with some excellent clean guitar and some sweet sounding solo work on top to make you start the pit with frenzied assault. Legions of the Dead, I think this track captures all the aspects of the band as it has many elements from clean to aggressive, fast and thrashy, solos the works. The album closes with the title track and it delivers a combination of complex yet memorable riffs. The production is great, it captures the thrash element while maintaining a balanced sound to understand every instrument and vocals.

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