Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Severe Mutilation - Spawn of Hatred

A five piece brutal death metal band hailing from Puerto Rico. Spawn of Hatred is a 30 minute album full of great DM both old and new style. The production quality is great. The album starts with a crazy intro and into "Practice What You Preach", aggressive double kicks are blasting from the first riff, guitars sound good and solid. "Spawn of Hatred" is the title track. roaring in with some killer rolls to highlight the drummers ability, memorable riffs and great chorus. "Unholy Inquisition" its an intense experience, I hear some good dual high to low vocals displayed on this song. "All Respect For Life Is Lost", sick title and lyrics are fitting for the brutality being projected, killer mosh stomping riffs are dealt with heavy punishment on this track. "The Faceless Horde", I am reminded of some good old DM for this song, reminds me of early Napalm Death, Benediction, Gorefest or Entomed. "I Kill For God' is a nice assault to the senses, grinding in with intensity from the very beginning and probably my favorite track of this album. "Fuck The World And Bring on The Hate" is exactly like the title says, and your ears will not be disappointed because it most certainly brings on the devastation along with some cool guitar harmonies to make this one to spin several times. "How The Few Rule The Many" the vocals have a unique style to them, not to guttural that you can't understand what its being said but enough to stay brutal yet be clear to understand the lyric content, job well done. "My Misery Shall Be Your Tragedy", is the final song on my journey of this album, this track reminds me of old Decapitated, which I like a lot, great mix of low and high vocals and intense guitar riff pummel your ears and will have you in the pit in moments. Overall I have enjoyed my experience through all the tracks and recommend this for fans of old school DM and New school as well, I feel you will find something to enjoy in each track. 

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