Sunday, August 11, 2013

Conjuration - The House on Nuclear Hill

The House on Nuclear Hill released in 2011. Through CMIA records. From Norway. Conjuration: Members include S. A. Destroyer - vocals, V. F. - Guitar , T. Terror - Battery, Andy "Coffin" - Bass (Session). The first track is an intro then into "Clavicula my Coat of Worms", an interesting name, my first thoughts are "damn solid production", brutal drums and pure intensity, rather immersing myself already from the very first riffs. Always a nice touch to be able to read the lyrics which are included in the two sided insert. The vocals do remind me of early Gorefest or Carcass style but hold their own distinct signature. Impressive guitar work is evident from song to song. production on the drums is pure, clear, balanced and precise, double kicks are powerful and thunderous. Necromantic Fever, excellent track, creative riffs and brutal onslaught on the senses. "Gangrene Limb Feast-You Are Who Your Eat", is a hell of a song, technical arrangement and pit inducing riffs are abound through this entire beast. "Cruel Cause", yet another solid track, just relentless with many great destructive compositions. "Outro -The Great Satanic Black-Rot", different samples of evil intention are mixed together for a haunting memorable ending. Overall this album will be playing in my stereo for many days to come because I just enjoy it that much. Highly recommend this album for fans of Brutal DM done in solid production you will definitely be getting in the pit when you hear this.