Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oxygen Abortion - Drop The Bombs

Released on Dark Meadow Recordings on July 2011. Through research I found out the label is no longer around. Not sure how many members. On the FB site the music is described as Experimental/Industrial/Metal. Interesting way to title the songs as they are all part of a sentence beginning with "I Am The Void Cold And Dark" then dropping a word from the sentence in the following tracks. We hear a sample on the opening song about a society and the depression suicide effects of its environments, at least what I understood from it at first listen. Track two is heavy on the bass and guitar or might be just distorted bass with obscure type vocals. Track three, a creepy and bone chilling start, like walking through a dark cold void. Track four another sample that leads into a composition that does have some drums and synth like tones. Track five, a very enjoyable song, it set a huge and epic atmosphere, captivating and enthralling by far my favorite on this disc. Track six, flange like effect with crazy BM style vocals appearing in the background. Track seven " I", which ends the sentence, it's full on all sorts of sounds, creating a chaotic journey. The next round of songs are a sentence in reverse. Starting with "Time", well this is crazy sounding -an auction speaker that sounds like a robot at time builds into an immense wall of chaos, that's the best I can describe it. "Time is", clean guitar, ah now this is pleasant to my ears, like a horror film, I can imaging walking through a dark forest or through a haunted house, very well written. The final track that completes the sentence "Time is Nothing but an Illusion Shattered", dismal sounds with a solitary guitar creating ambient landscapes and enchanting horror style of passages. Overall I ended up really immersing myself in all the melodies and chaos. Check out the bands links to get more info. I recommend for those people seeking long dismal journey and sound-escapes.

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