Thursday, August 8, 2013

Panzerchrist - The 7th Offensive

The 7th Offensive is the brand new album release by Panzerchrist on Listenable Records. Members are Panzergeneral: Bass , Søren Tintin Lønholdt: Vocals , Nils Petersen: Guitars , Simon Schilling : Drums. If war metal is what you want then look no further. The title track starts of with an eerie sounding sample then into fast hammer-on pull-off work on the guitar. "Foreign Fields", the opening riff seems to go on for a while, once the change up happens a cool fill comes into play that stays in my mind. "In The Name of Massacration", reminds me of old Amorphis or Benediction, some interesting sweeping arpeggios happening on this song. "Stronghold of Hill 666", great title. I picture a massive war in hell with several battalions decimating everything in sight. "Dogger Dead", brutal and aggressive assault, stomping rhythms guttural vocals. Like getting smashed in the face severely. A great mosh pit destroyer for sure. "Mass Attack of The Lychantrope Legion", envisioning a long journey seen through the eyes of a soldier on bloody fighting fields, a great song with a constant melody. "Kill for Revenge", basic but clear and to the point, solid double kicks on the drums. "Drone Killing", this composition stays the same for several measures until the very end when the guitars finally do some solo work plus we hear some keys but just slightly. Napalm Alarm", like a machine gun on constant fire, eradicating everything in its path. "Pig Parade", nice title, battle like samples are expressed, a march taking place, distant battle drums. Overall this album is good and I recommend for fans of war, battle, marches and any destructive type of sounds. 

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