Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TERRORWAY - Blackwaters

Blackwaters is the full album release by Terrorway under Bakerteam records September 30th 2013. Band members are Ivan Fois, Cosma Secchi, Giovanni Serra, Valentino 'Sidh' Casarotti. Their genre is describe as modern aggressive metal.

The album starts with the song Wretched, small intro, the guitars come in with a solid sound. Vocals are aggressive. The title track Blackwater is number two, some of the bands that come to mind are The Haunted, Meshuggah, and Gojira. This composition has a memorable bass line towards the end, complimented by a catchy melody by the guitar. "In A Swamp", interesting title, intense and captivating guitar harmonies followed by brutal destructive drums. The bass lines are well thought out and sound balanced without overpowering any of the other instruments. I will have to say this song is my favorite so far. "Keep Walking Silent", open chord devastation, modern metal styles can be heard on this song, very progressive in nature. "The Inescapable Plot", pure and relentless in its delivery. A good mix of brutality and melodic passages. "Chained", drums are a highlight in this composition, blazing double kicks and complex dynamics. "Renewal", this song is sure to have people running into a mosh pit. An unassuming intro and then we are led to a crushing onslaught of aggression, I will have to say this song is my favorite from this album. "A Cursed Race", the opening sets a dark atmosphere, creative arrangements and memorable verses. "Ruins", is the last track, every ingredient from the previous compositions are brought forth to an epic climax and leave me wanting more. Fans of modern, melodic, progressive metal will want to ad this to their collection, there are lots of complex and original elements in each track, this band should not be overlooked.