Friday, November 1, 2013

Alcoholic War Zine 2 - review

Traditional old school style zine from South America. Published Feb. 2 2011. Full page B/W cut and paste method written in spanish. Issue copy 135 out of 444 made, provided to me by Dave W. Aea zine.

The zine features interviews with bands; Infernal Massacre, Nefario, Metal Attack, Caceria, Alcoholic Death, Bestial Holocaust, Tortura, Death Invoker, Kulto Maldito, Arsenikal and Volcano. Biography of Trueno Azul, Pentagram and Nebiros. In the editorial section by "Alcoholic" he speaks on how much he despises the mainstream posers, how there are many fake people on facebook etc.. Dedication to pure underground is what this publication is concerned with.There are no album reviews either, no horror films or any extra fat, sort of speak, just straight to the bone bands and music mostly in the B/M genre.

Some smaller cut out ads for other fanzines can be found intermixed with along with the interviews. Plus fliers of tape and vinyl releases from around the same origin of that continent. I would say the interview with the band Arsenikal is my favorite. The majority of the groups share the same distaste for mainstream and are deeply involved in their style of writing occult war like themes. Overall a good read. Pages are not number but them again they are shooting for a crude true underground form and they have achieve it. To contact this zine you must go to the email address at