Sunday, May 18, 2014

Human Butchery - Psychopath Abduction

Human Butchery is a three piece band from Yautepec, Morelos- Mexico. Members include Cristopher Guerra -Drums, Josué Guerra- Bass, Carlos Gamboa-Vocals-  Lead Guitar. Genre is described as brutal death gore grind. 

Psychopath Abduction released on Inframundo Records May 2014. This band has been around since 2007 and this is their first album. The intro is the staple horror film slasher, slice them and dice them. The sounds live up to the title of the album which I like. On to the songs, on the first composition the drums have a mechanical sound, which may work for some or be dismissed by others. I would have preferred the guitar to be more dominant. Instead, the bass seems to be at a peak for most of the content. Again, it is a matter of preference, consider that this is to be an all out gore obsessed slab of flesh, most of the time the fans of this genre prefer the more raw the better. The vocals are guttural on 80% of the mix with a tinge of murderous high screams, like a maniac or psycho on the loose, and fit well with the content. The song "100 Nails In Your Face" would make many Dying Fetus fans proud, slow mosh stomp and deep pummeling bass make this one my favorites. The track "Necrophilia", is very interesting and you will need to keep an open mind, the drums seemed to hit a certain peek and then a layer of clean acoustic comes in unexpectedly, not sure if I enjoy this one or my mind is just waiting to grasp the artist expression of its message. The title track "Psychopath Abduction" shows a progressive arrangement at key moments and fades back to the grind a twist at a time. Blood Rivers, nice title, strong opening and definitely got my head moving. Necro-Cannibalism is another favorite track, the bass player does some creatives fills with his riffs and keeps the song interesting, pig squeals and radical style solos really make this song stand out amongst the rest. 

In conclusion, a strong debut, the production could be tweeted at certain points but consider it is an onslaught of raw gore then most fans would rather enjoy as is. Fans of early Mortician, Dying Fetus and Skinless will surely want to add this album to their collection.
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