Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cropsy Maniac - Shear Terror EP

Cropsy Maniac is a four piece Death Metal/Grindcore band from Portland, OR. Members are Aaron Whitsell - Guitars & Bass, Kevin Herr-guitar, Kevin Reece - Vocals, Travis - Drums.

Shear Terror EP released on May 2014 through Dead Beat Media. Five tracks of horror, blood, guts and brutality. Creepy intro on the very first song, then kicks into high intensity. Raw riffing style and devastating drum beats. Lots of open chords and grind phrases. The art work for the Ep is very ambitious (cover art by Adam Geyer) and really grabs the listeners attention, well at least if you are a horror fan, you would automatically recognize at lot of the elements depicted on there. The music within is a perfect fit. A strong debut Ep. In terms of production, the tracks sound good, everything is evenly balanced, drums are upfront and clear, vocals low guttural and fitting for the content. For fans of the band Haemorrhage, this band covers Dawn In The Rotting Paradise and sounds very devastating.

Short and brutal. I enjoyed this Ep very much. Some of the stand out tracks for me would have to be I Strangled Mine, for its samples and massive grind start and the title track Shear Terror for its catchy verses and combination of vocals low and mid range, well executed. 

In conclusion, a strong debut Ep that gore-hounds will most likely want to add to their collection. I recommend it for fans of Mortician, Brutal Truth and Terrorizer.



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