Friday, August 29, 2014

Dark Managarm - Back From Hell

Dark Managarm is a four piece Black metal band from Arras, France. members include; Forcas - Vocals, Hagel - Guitars, Davöth - Drums, Helbrecht - Bass.

Back From Hell full length album released in 2013 through Iron, Blood & Death Corporation. Features nine devastating tracks. Great production quality. Solid drums and destructive guitar tones. The band brings forth the aggression from the moment you hit the play button. The music has a way of attacking the senses and creates a sonic chaos that is relenting and destructive. Each song keeps the listener intent as to what will come next. The compositions are well thought out an create a perfect atmosphere for the vocals to obliterate with each verse. The band started back in 2009 with their first release "Victorious March" followed by an Ep, Diva in 2009 then a split "Brotherhood for Blasphemy" in 2013.

In conclusion Back From Hell completely slays. Each track drags you through an abyss of pure black metal madness. Some of my favorite songs from this release are Nocturnal Reaper, for its fast blistering verses. Underworld Glorification, for its catchy chorus and Necromancia, for the awesome riff work and sheer brutality. I recommend this album to all BM fans who enjoy pure relentless high octane blasphemic hymns. ~Artemortifica

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