Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Whorehouse Massacre - Altar of the Goat Skull​/​VI

The Whorehouse Massacre is a four piece band consisting of W.P. Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals , K.H. Bass , K.M. Guitar, Bass , (S.S. Solo on Bowels of Hell and Artwork) 
Genre described as black/death metal. Band origin Canada. 

Altar of the Goat Skull​/​VI album released on February 20th 2015 Transcending Obscurity. Raw to the bone. Here is some meaty are destructive metal for you guys into raw and dirty recordings. The album consisting of thirteen songs of pure darkness. The music is rooted in the old ways of the b/m genre. Thinking of bands like Grave, old Satyricon, Samael or Bathory. In terms of production, it sounds like they kept everything simple, no overproduction, just straight forward recording. Heavy distorted guitars and simple drum production. Some of the songs that peaked my ears were, End of Mankind, Sewer Dreams and Altar of the Goat Skull. Although I prefer a better production, I still found the song arrangements and the raw quality reminiscent of the old days of the metal  when the genre was just making waves.

In conclusion, the album captures the essence of the early days of B/M. If you like that obscure and raw sound, than this will most likely peak your interest.