Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Beyond - Frozebitepanzerfuck

Horror pain Gore Death productions is bringing us some raw/crust/punk/black metal in the incarnation that is The Beyond. Rooted in Central Pennsylvania and with diverse genre elements to indulge all fans, we start off with Roto -Cunt, well with a title like that, this is going to be a fun one to review, love the lyrics already and I hear the punk style right away. Next up "Goat Sodomizer' in this track we hear the Black metal influence pouring through with some good raw vocals. 

G.G. Allin would be proud of this track "Cunt Sucking Cannibal' since I have listen to G.G. in the past I am familiar with this song, very cool to be able to hear it like this, great work here. Frozebitepanzerfuck comes in and I am reminded of  The Abyss or early Bathory, very good BM which transforms into punk, gotta love that, this band is not afraid to explore all elements, I enjoy this aspect of musical freedom and more musicians should take note. Attack of The Zombie Brigade has a Misfits style to it which is a good thing. Splatter House Maniacs, some shrieking high vocals start this one that will send shivers up your spine, loving the main riff and is probably my favorite track so far. Necro Overload, excellent music, I like the solos very much and the lyric content is fitting for a band that does not mind breaking the rules. The band also has a split Vinyl out The Beyond/The Lurking Corpses: Gross Encounters of The Sacrificial Rite be sure to check that out too. Exterminate Humanity is the final track, overall I enjoyed this album as it stand on its on accord and give the middle finger to all the standard genres out there. 

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