Sunday, June 9, 2013

Destruction of The Heavenly Realms Vol. VII -DeathGasm Records

A 16 track comp. to assault your mind. Released on DeathGasm Records. Track 1 Nominon "Worship" good production and sets the mood for the rest of the comp. Solid guitars and involved riffs. Track 2 Blaspherian "Desecration Eternal", almost reminds me of old Asphyx, very low end production, vocals are good and deep. Track 3 Diabolic "Venomous Habitations", super fast is an understatement, wow- this track blast from start to finish and never lets up, solid and aggressive speed thrash, most likely to start the mosh in a live ambience. Track 4 Abominant "The Wolves of Hate", I like the guitar riffs that start this one, remind me of old style like Dissection, I dig the vocals, they are high but not to much that overcome the instruments rather compliment them. Track 5 Avenger "Ritual of Wrath" great production everything is well balanced and has a great clarity to it, chunky and heavy guitars, classic style BM vocals make it a song to spin several times. Track 6 Infinitum Obscure "Feeding Darkness", raw recording engaging drums and inventive guitar writing make this a compositions to peel your ears to. Track 7 Azarath "I Hate Your Kind", some high pitch squeels on the guitars, really did not capture my attention much. Track 8 The New Plague "Diary of a Misanthrope", some very good talent being express on this song, guitars specially, nice hammer on pull off action. Track 9 Quinta Essentia, "Absent Illumination" (The Transgressor) more on the mid paced side of things, solid bass is evident here, drums sound a bit in the background but not bad, I like the title and lyrics are hard to comprehend so make sure to grab a lyric sheet. Track 10 The Pessimist "Mensa Rea' (With Evil Intent), exactly what the title describes, well executed drums and sick vocals make his my favorite track on this comp. Track 11 Occidens "Wrath of Blasphemy", solid fast brutal and featuring some killers solos, high talent and sick drums to capture all the madness in one brutal track. Track 12 Kult Ofenzivy "Jiz Nikdy Netratit Usilim k Nevhodnym", not sure what it means but musically its good, fast drums through most of it. Track 13 Manticore "Unveiling The Ascension" dark and heavy, eerie like chants, distorted bass and grinding drums to compliment. Track 14 Nominon "Life Extinct" this band has another track on here, cool, dark and ambient feel of this one, double kicks introduce a fast pace assault and lyrics wrap it all up into complete chaos, in a good way. Track 15 Nex "Rejections Glory" more on the venom side of things, raw production, drums are a bit behind -not to crazy about the vocals, cool cleans riffs from time to time. Track 16 Avulsion "Nomadic Hordes of Pestilence" reminds me of early Morbid Angel albums, vocals are guttural and aggressive, drums are bazing fast and guitars are creating a solid canvas over the entire composition. Overall a great Compilation with several style from thrash, BM, death, and doom- everybody from the metal stand point is bound to find something to like.
~Frank G,
Physical publication in AEA zine #22    
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