Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Killed Everyone - Necrospire

Another brutal release on Pavement Entertainment. Necrospire is the new album by the band I Killed Everyone, great name for a band by the way. Members are: Tim O'Brien- Vocals, Bill Williams-Guitar, Jason Cordero-Bass, A.J Kolar-guitar, Tom Salazar-Drums. The cover to the album is awesome. I am familiar with the art of Mark Cooper, he does wonderful work and I recognized it immediately. The first song is "A Sanguinary Mass", my first thoughts are brutal and destructive, intense low vocals. "Grimoire I- Evicerated" solid foot work by the drummer in true DM style, really enjoying this so far."The Devourer Beyond" tuned low and a guttural feeling leading into a mosh inducing frenzy. "Necropire" simple title yet musically effective battery of sound, open chord progression and sometimes Meshuggah elements to the riffs. "Born of the Abattoir", turning this track up loud on my speakers, good catchy memorable composition and some cool solo work towards the middle. "State of Filth", starting of in true DM aggression then building into a massive more modern metal lashing. "Crucified and Consumed", want to hear some progressive type guitar licks? you will find some at the beginning and through the rest of the track. I am impressed at how fitting and effortlessly the solo work is achieved. "Antipathy", dissonant intro, crushing and devastating track, all the death metal influence comes forth in true glory for this song and will have to say its my favorite track. "Grimoire II- One with the Void" title and lyrics are awesome, I get a sense of peril in a dismal abyss of chaos, killer progressions with battle like precise drum dynamics, specially the triplet hits on the ride cymbal, its a small detail but one that shows how talented this drummer is. "The Human Error" final song and its intense, dual vocals high and low compliment each other and I also here solid bass lines come forward on this composition. I recommend this album for both new and old school metal heads, it most certainly delivers brutal, sadistic, ear shattering, mosh stomping feelings from beginning to end.


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