Monday, July 15, 2013

Infected Society/F is for Fuck You/Miserable Failure - Miserable Fucking Society

This is a three way split to be released through Kaotoxin in August 2013. Infected Society, F is for Fuck You. Miserable Failure are the bands on this true grind masterpiece. Nineteen tracks of some of the most raw intense grind punk crust noise ever. "Old School Traditional Butchery", I am transported back to the days of Brutal Truth and Phobia, certain mayhem manifesting in its true colors. "Definitely Dead" edge of your seat, ear splitting madness. "Ultimate Slavery" hints of punk are evident and its really good. "Mentally Deranged", heavy Napalm Death influence for this track. "Crack Whores" you have to love the title, skanky type of rhythm, slamming bass fills make this one to turn the volume up. "Life Eraser", if your are not in the pit by now you might be getting your ass kicked, great song. "Raw Quad Orgy', been wanting to hear this style for a while and not many musicians do it this well. "Zero", bringing out aggressive drum assault like the good days of grind/punk era. "Sound of Nothing", almost speed metal thrash influence followed by a skank beat to give it the extra punch. "Fit", grind menace on this track, includes fast double kick work to tie it all together for a mosh pit inducer. "Fuck Off" the title says it all, every part of rebellion can be experience from riff to riff on this song, fast, stomp, slow thrashy and then grind, very good track indeed. "Firesky". punk furiosity, I can imaging many injuries deriving from this song in a live environment, a true stomper. "Summoning Chaos", want insane, out of control vocals and frenzied playing? then this next few track will surely feed your appetite."All Women must Die", does not get much more to the point than that. Like a possessed madman screaming in an asylum, maybe projecting several demons, this track is a lunatics dream come true. "None shall Be Saved", if you do happen to see a live performance more likely you will not survive. "Inside Me" is the last track on this compilation, a grind manifestation in its true form. Overall I like this entire comp. It lives up to the grind/punk/speed elements right from the roots.

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