Monday, September 9, 2013

Hatevomit - Drown In Vomit EP

Hatevomit hails from Istanbul, Turkey. Drown In Vomit is their EP release from March 2013. A two member project, masterminds are: Unholy Nuklear Terrorist-Bass/guitars, Damnare-Drums. Genre is described as Black metal/Death metal.

The first track on this four song EP is "Let The Wrath Unlash", my first thoughts are 'raw, extreme and brutal'. The production reminds me of the very early days of BM/DM -like some of the recordings I would hear when I was a young man still in school, I would obtain cassettes from bands like Baphomet, Experiment and others and the sound would be just like this. I rather enjoy it, consider how many bands use computer programs and polish all their recordings in todays modern world, its good to hear something with pure raw intensity. "Black Blood Of  The Lucifer's Mark", sliding guitar distorted bass playing with complete blasphemy, the drummer uses a piccolo snare which give it that early nineties death metal sound. Arrangements are raw as a slab of rotted flesh. "Mind Rape", psychotic devastating screams paint pure madness in sound. We also get to hear a shrilled solo, like the old Kerry King solos in Show No mercy. "Kill With Hate, Drown In Vomit", a dismal landscape of eerie oppression, evil laughter is exhibited in the opening riffs before assaulting with more bone shredding guitar/bass in the vein of old school hymns. This release is in cassette form and most likely a limited edition. You can hear all four songs on the Bandcamp site or contact the band to obtain a cassette copy. Either way if you like that old school raw sound from the early days of the DM/BM genre this is one to add to you collection,


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