Saturday, January 10, 2015

Violent hammer - More Victims (demo)

Violent Hammer is a five piece dm band from Kuusamo, Finland. Members are Lauri Autioniemi-Bass, Kalle Salmivaara-Drums, Janne Karjalainen-Guitars, Lasse Limma-Guitars, Joonas Niemeläinen-Vocals. Genre is described as primitive death metal hammering. 

More Victims, this demo will be self released on cassette on January 21st 2015. The production is not the best being that it is a demo. Raw guitar tone, gritty drum sound, loud vocals. The volume was so loud I had to turn down my speakers a bit. My first thought is, this is some extreme blackened death metal. Almost reminiscent of early mayhem or Sodom. fast and grinding guitars with blistering blast beats. hellish screams are everywhere. there are also old school thrash elements. The demo is like traveling through ravaged and battle torn lands. Exploring all the content, there were a few stand out songs. Life After Nuclear Genocide, I like entire track, explosive verses, wicked chorus. There are some crazy Kerry King style solos that caught my attention. Extinction (Nuclear War) is a savage attack without letting up, I found myself moving my head several times to this song. 

In conclusion, for being a demo, it packs a punch. Stripped to the bone. Full aggression and destructive spine shaking vocals. Die-hards will not mind its raw nature. ~Artemortifica


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