Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winds Of Genocide - Usurping The Throne of Disease

Winds Of Genocide is a five piece band from Durham City. Members are Kat Shevil- Vocals, Linus-Guitar, Glynn Hall-Guitar, Dan Hughes-Bass, Ian Hunter-Drums. Genre is described as death metal, crust d-beat and punk. They started as a group in 2006. 

Usurping The Throne Of Disease album to be released on January 26th 2015 on Pulverised Records. The production of this album is raw and to the bone. Some songs sounded to me as if they were recorded live but that's just my best guess. Regardless, the brutality they are projecting comes through in its gritty sound. The guitar tone is dirty, aggressive and crosses between punk and black metal to death metal. The bass sounds good, it keeps a good balance in the mix. Drums have a live vibe to them and remind me of old Slayer or Motorhead albums. Vocals are raw death metal quality like early Napalm Death or Obituary.

There are nine tracks. Lyrical content as you might have guessed by the band name, war, horror, and pure devastation. One of the things that stood out as I listened, was the bass lines. Rather than just following the rhythm, the bass player does some wicked scale run downs which adds dimension and depth to the compositions. I can hear the punk rock influence in the songs Mass Graves Of The Innocent and Into The Darknesss of Eternal Nuclear Winter, both are great jams and will make you want to punch things. At times the band Venom comes to mind as an influence as well as Nuclear Assault. Millions Lie Slaughter is one of my favorites from this album, it has a thrash metal riffing style which catches my ears. Swathed By The Black Wings of Death is intense pure death metal. It batters senses and its over before you even know what hit you. 

In conclusion, the songs keep a steady aggression from start to finish. Not complex, just straight forward brutality, in your face with intensity music. Its raw and ass kicking delivery is worth adding to your collection. ~Artemortifica       

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