Sunday, January 4, 2015

Zero Gravity - Holocaust Awaits

Zero Gravity is a five piece DM band from Indore. Members include; Kratika - Vocals, Deepraj - Guitar, Prafull - Rhythm Guitar, Anuj - Bass , Divyansh - Drums. The band started in 2012.

Holocaust Awaits album released on November 2 2014 through Transcending Obscurity Distribution. In terms of production the quality is great. Drums are clear and dominant. Guitars are heavy distorted yet maintain a warm tone. The bass sounds awesome, full and clear, fitting perfectly with the drum mix. Vocals come through with intensity and power. This is the bands debut album.

There are nine songs in total. After listening to it several times, I can say the majority of the songs have a modern metal style like Chimera, Lamb of God and Trivium. Vocals express different ranges from low guttural to mid and highs. A good example of it can be heard on the track Chronicles of A Radical Mind. I also enjoy the spoken word verses that appear in some of the tracks like the song Weapon's Edge. I feel this give the tune a unique feel. Along with the more modern riffs, there are several breakdown compositions that might be a bit much for old school metal heads like me but will resonate with a younger generation of metalheads. The guitar solos are great and stand out to me in each song, they are well crafted and never overdone and have enough flare to stay in my mind.

In conclusion, this band is worth checking out. They have a lot to offer to both the new generation and old school metal fans. The songs are easy to bang your head to and powerful enough to get the mosh pit started. ~Artemortifica Gravity


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