Sunday, February 15, 2015

Black Jesus - Everything Black, Everything Dead

Black Jesus is a four piece band from Melbourne, Australia. The genre is describe as Scrap Metal. Members include Adrian – Guitar / Vocals, Mick - Guitar, Ben - Bass, Greg - Drums. 

Everything Black, Everything Dead album released on Grindhead Records 2014. If you like your metal raw and gritty then look no further. The songs exhibit several expressions of punk rock, thrash, sludge and pure adrenaline madness. The production is very good, solid drum sound and mid distorted guitar tones. Bass stands out and holds all the rhythms perfectly. Detonation is one of the stand outs, pure and intense quality. Scorch the Sky, Shackled to a Corpse and Born in a Tomb are reminiscent of early 90's death metal records. A Crimson Vow is probably my favorite, fast and aggressive attack on the drums and chunky guitars riff really make my head move. 

In conclusion, twelve tracks of face kicking, gut punching and elbow trowing fun. A record worth checking out while slamming beers with your buddies.


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