Saturday, December 29, 2012

Grand Magus - The Hunt

Grand Magus- The Hunt- is on Nuclear Blast. The cover is excellent, Frazetta style of art. This is my first time hearing this band. Very good production, vocals are clear and distinct. I am having a hard time putting them in a genre, closes I can think is Doom, Stoner, or maybe Sludgy Rock metal- This is a good thing because they have their own sound happening which is difficult to do these days."Son of the Last Breath" was a nice surprise I thought it would get heavy right away but it kept going with a very cool melody behind it and an awesome story being told. Digging the first track "Starlight Slaughter" Black Sabbath/Quite Riot influence in that one. "Storm King" kicks off with a very cool riff that leads into some kick ass vocals, he has a great range in his vocals style which is very apparent of this track. "Sword of The Ocean" has kind of an Iron Maiden feel to it, the vocals remind me of Zakk Wyldes vox in Black Label Society at times. "Iron Hand" is my favorite track on the whole album, very much like old Judas Priest style which I like. being a first time listener I recommend this album.

Originally published in Coffinfeeder Distro Zine #6 10-1-2012

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