Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Insane Tales From The Dead Issue 3 Vol. 1

Insane Tales From The Dead Issue 3 Volume 1 just arrived. Featuring the works of Nikos Malk, Brian Postman, Tony Fero, Silvano, Chuck Bowman, Ann tedeschi, John Schumacher and Doug Randazzo. Introduction by Mike Howlett. Artist gallery includes Mark Riddick, Mortuus Art, Glynford Cabarse, Bjorn Grasses, Steph Dumais, Putrid Matt, Raul Gonzalez, Eric Rot, Len Desiderio, Frank Cassuto, Don England, Elyse Taylor, Splatterbeast, Jaes Groeling, Caleb Dickenson, Justell Vonk, Joe Ravager Romero, Rich Hervey, Agus Wibowo, Gorepump, Frank Garcia and more. Visit the site and support the artist insanetalesfromthedead

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nervosa first time in Chicago

Nervosa live at Reggies.Their first live performance in Chicago. Part of the US tour featuring a brand new drummer Canadian Samantha Landa. Supporting acts included Reign, The Everscathed, Wrath and Suspended. All video footage Here Be sure to support the band and visit them at facebook

See the full album at Nervosa photos


Rotten Sound perform at Reggies Chicago

Rotten Sound performing live at Reggies, Chicago 8-22-2016 along with God Dementia, Like Rats, Organ Dealer and Sick/Tire. See footage from this show here

all pics here 

Like Rats

God Dementia 

Organ Dealer