AWE - Providentia

AWE Black metal from Athens Greece

Providentia album released on November 13th 2015 Pulverised Records. This release caught me by surprise. Upon lending my ears to this, the intro slowly drags you into a deep abyss that stretches its long tentacles inside your mind and will not let go. "Actus Primus", pulls you into a dark void. It sets a dark atmosphere before hitting you with dark manifested blast beats and oppressive hymns. "Actus Secundu", is up next and it is methodical in its delivery. There is no build up to this one. It kicks right in to the madness with furious blasts and punishing guitar riffs. Around the four minute mark on this song the music hits some dissonant chords that add another twist to the type of compositions we are listeinig to. The band explores different chord progressions as well as complex arrangements that make it stand out from the standard black metal coming out these days. It is refreshing to hear a more immersed projection of the music while staying intense and powerful through the album.
In conclusion, at first glance it may not seem like much for only a three song release, but believe me, each song has its own characteristics and much arrangements to explore. Not just for black metal fans. If you're looking for crushing and intense melodies that explore different realms then look no further. ~Artemortifica



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