Thursday, July 25, 2019

Garoted live performance at Slamdakota Fest 2019

Slamdakota Festival 2019, Garoted performing live at Bigs Bar in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

A four piece band formed in 2008 from Kansas City
Current release is 2017 Abyssal Blood Sacrifices - Full length

The event is organized by Les Watkings. Here are all the details about this show. Second annual death fest focusing on showcasing local and regional talents 16 plus

Two stages; indoor/outdoor rain or shine
Sponsored by Bigs Live, Undead Scene, Midwest Metal Promotions
Featuring: Adaptsis, Traverscion, Coffinrot
GORGATRON, Asphyxiator, ORPHEUS, Oppress the Tyrant
Xenophonic, Moonsick, Carnographer, Bleed The Victim
Glutton for Punishment, Septicemic, Garoted

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