Gaunt Band live performance at Village Spirit June 5 2021

 Gaunt performing live at Village Spirit in Round Lake Beach IL. As part of Necro productions Blood Of The Wolf, Prezir and Celestial Serpent.

Video and Pictures by ArteMorbid

Gaunt live performance at Village Spirit in Round Lake Beach Illinois. Part of Blood Of The Wolf, Prezir and Celestial Serpent death metal show in the midwest.

 Be sure to watch the previous video here of Blood Of The Wolf pre-show preparation and behind the scenes from the Fort Knox Studios. In this video BOTW performs With Fire and A Thousand Flashing Blades. The gear and amp head I will use is a Peavey Ultra Tube Triple X. The guitars are a Schecter 7 string Hellraiser and Schecter Blackjack 6 string. The initial cleaning is with Dunlop System 6500 guitar cleaning kit but I will only use one of the containers since I already did a deep cleaning before.  

Some of the middle segments are timelapse because of the set up but you get the idea of what is taking place. Mike uses Jackson guitars.

All this footage is filmed with Yi 4k plus action camera with a Sony lapel mic. Be sure to catch the Mudfish shows and visit their channels for more awesome live performances. 

About Artemorbid

I'm a photographer and musician from the midwest. The gear I use include Canon T3i, Sony A6300, Yi 4k action camera, Panasonic GH2, Ricoh Theta V, Sony lapel mic, AKG condenser mic, Line 6 UX1, PreSonus pre Amp, Schecter Guitars, Marshall Amps, I also film with my Samsung J3. My main choice editor for photos is Lightroom 6. My main choice editor for video is PowerDirector 15. 

For editing on the go, I use Powerdirector mobile. For my 360 videos and photos I use Ricoh Theta V plus App for Android. 

The majority of the content you will find on my channel is music concerts and live performances. There's also unboxings and reviews and included are how to videos for various things pertaining to video and audio. My weekly stream are Wednesday at 8AM and random stream for Friday night between 5pm tp 11pm depending on if I'm available. Follow me on all the other socials including FB, IG, and Twitter.

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