Monday, April 7, 2014

Inside The Artist's Head - Filth & Lies EP

Inside The Artist's Head is a Swedish groove metal band from Växjö. Members are, Jonas Stark - Vocals, Tony Pettersson - Guitar, Johan Svensson - Drums, Dino Helmefalk - Bass guitar. Filth & Lies is their second EP, self released on March 29th 2014.

The opening track builds up a big atmosphere, with chants of an approaching mob and a catchy guitar riff, I like this, it is a far better start than your typical riff then long scream or growl which seems to be the way a lot of albums in the genre open with as a first song. It is a nice change and gets you motivated to stick around and hear more. The production is tight but retains a raw edgy quality which I also enjoy. Every instrument compliments each other with good balance. The track Social Bullshit sticks in my mind. Effective arrangements, not super complicated, just raw head-banging rhythms that will drive people into the mosh pit. Berefth of Life, very brutal, the drums unleash a fast assault and kick up the adrenaline several notches. Bass lines sound solid and hit you with an unsuspecting slide here and there. You can hear a good example of the pummeling bass assault on the last track "Insanity", at around the 2:15 mark it drives the listener into the ground, in a good heavy way. The album cover is a good piece of art by Nicolas Dubuisson, the faceless corporate guys with a corroded city in the back is fitting to the lyrical content and visually captures essence of the compositions contain within.

In conclusion, the high energy comes through perfectly and the raw bare bones metal approach works great. The songs are not super complex and are easy to get into. In addition to this EP, the band has their previous release "Regrets" also available on their BC page. Be sure to check out what they have to offer you will not be disappointed.