Thursday, April 3, 2014

Serpent Slave - Chaos EP

Serpent Slave is a metal band from Caloocan/ Bulacan. Members are Donnie Marcelo- Vocals, Mark Bugay- Guitars, Alrich Paragoso-Guitars, Ash Aguilar-Bass, Jeric ElviƱa-Drums. Chaos EP re-released under Anatometh Records.

The band got their start in 2004. Influenced by the early era of heavy metal they have manage to put together this debut ep that reflects their vision to create their own style in the vast ocean of the genre. "Atrocities" is the introduction. Decent production. The guitars sound solid in a thrash metal type of distortion. "Mortality", reveals a punk rock influence in the riffs. The vocalist spouts out good and comprehensively lyrics. "Blood to Annihilation" My favorite part on this song is around two and a half minutes the riffs take a turn and expose a Lamb Of God influence, which I enjoy very much. Madness is the closer. Not as strong as the other songs but still a good contender. At times, a few of the phrases go a lot longer than they should but most listeners would probably not mind. Although they describe themselves as a metal genre band, I do hear thrash and punk rock elements involved like a strong D.R.I. or Death Angel influence in their rhythms.

In conclusion, the band does good at establishing their metal vision and I feel some creative and innovative compositions a sure to come in the future from their hard work and endeavors as they develop as musicians. ~Artemortifica

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