Iron Asparagus exclusive interview

 1-Hello and welcome to Metal Music Midwest, first off, thanks for taking the time to do the interview, could you give our readers a brief description of the group? Where is the band from? 


The origin of the band name. An iron asparagus was a spear used by some sedentary tribes. The iron tip, reminiscent of the head of an asparagus, was carved to cause more damage in close combat than a traditional spear.  

 History of the band: 

At first, Iron was a way for me to spit my riffs while drinking beer. With several liters of hops, songs formed. Good enough for me to offer them some serious work. My relatives started humming them. The time came to get some of them out of my head, to make space for others. I contacted a good drummer and I have a friend who plays like an ace, he did the solos. I did the rhythm and the bass. To be honest, I was thinking of going back to work until the next EP. But the songs are well received, so we're going to work on bringing it all to the stage. First rehearsal tomorrow. 

 2- “Diamond In The Dirt” is the band's new single, how long did it take to write? 

 It is the riff that is the basis of Iron Asparagus. I used to play it to warm up. It's evolved over the years but still has its essence and I ended up giving it a melody line for the voice, a bridge like in the old days and the lyrics settled on it. 

 3- What musical influence inspires the bands compositions? 

There's a lot (from Black Sabbath to Pantera and everything in between), but to get into the mood, just before recording with the guys, I went back to Chaos AD (Sepultura) and NOLA (Down). Two albums I listened to a lot back in the day. The solid attitude of these albums gets me in shape. Otherwise, in my menu, you will find spices from Metallica, Slayer, RATM, Nirvana, Judas Priest, Maiden, Megadeth.

 4- When the group started? Can you tells us how did you all meet? 

 Like all bands that start out, it has a lot of movement among the members before finding a certain stability. Iron Asparagus will already be in its 2nd incarnation when we go on stage. That's part of the beginning. A bit like Metallica before Kill'em all, but without the fighting, ha, ha, ha! 

 5- The song title is “Diamond In The Dirt”, can you give us details about the content and more in depth meaning to this title? 

 I read a lot and always take notes. Many of them will be useful to me later on. I can't remember which article, but a journalist was bashing an album, saying that all the songs were pretty bad, except for one, which was the diamond in the dirt. I thought that would make a good title. I think it's been used in pop music since then, but it's still perfect for my lyrics. It was obvious to me, as soon as I noted the title, that I was going to talk about bullying. That I was going to tell a young person crushed by others that his difference makes him a 

 6- Each member of this project is part of another band? How do you maintain a good balance working together? 

For the next year, Iron Asparagus will be like a soccer team. With starting players and substitutes. Precisely for the schedules of each. So we have two good drummers always ready to play a game. The idea is not to miss a gig. If we make it to Division 1, we can go pro and make it our bread and butter.

7- Have you performed any shows in your area? if so, how receptive and supportive are the people to your music? 

Each of us has a course under our shoes, but the Asparagus are fresh. The first concert will arrive in 2023. The two songs we have released have been very well received so far.

8- Are there any upcoming shows or tours you can tell us about? 

As soon as the holidays return, I'm going to sit down with Miss Dale (Metal Music Booking) and we'll plan the next several months. We'll keep you in touch!

9- Thanks for your participation, finally, what is the best way to get a hold of the band, in case someone wants to book or promote the band? Any final words? 



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