Liar's Club before show photography Blood of the Wolf June 30 2023

Greetings and salutations. Today I am sharing a few photos of Liar's Club on Fullerton Ave. This is part of the event featuring Blood of The Wolf, Ossuary, Angelust and Garoted. The photos are from the outside of the venue and several from the inside.

This was my first time visiting the place. I play guitar in the band Blood Of The Wolf and live fairly close to the area. The traffic getting there was ok but slowly got congested as we got closer. The venue opens at 7pm and the parking is tough as there is only side parking off the side of Fullerton where there is heavy traffic at times.

On an interesting note. While we waiting for the place to open we searched the internet for parking issues we found a story about the place being haunted. Apparently, there were a few murders on the second floor of this building. Very creepy. I plan to add the news footage and the photos I captured here.

I will also have a follow-up post to showcase the band photos from the event.

The venue inside is narrow and adorns vintage decoration which is a nice fit for the area. The soundboard is closer to the stage and there were several pieces of amps, cabinets, mics, mic cables, and several other mic stands and drum gear. The emergency exit door is right behind the drummer and appears to lead to the back alley area. I did see photos of events also taking place in the back part of the building, however, it was closed for this day.

We had a very good performance and had a good turn out. The other bands did great, Ossuary from Milwaukee, Angelust from Peoria and Garoted from Kansas. There was also a strange incident outside with a car catching fire. All sorts of things going on in the evening. Let me know if you were at this show, would love to hear your comments.


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