The Black Coffins - Dead Sky Sepulchre

Thirteen savage tracks starting with Dead Sky Burial, a haunting beginning leading into a murderous gut wrenching scream. "Chambers of Eternal Sleep", raw and powerful guitars, reminds me a bit like Agnostic Front early days. "Below The Roots" distorted bass along with punk style of rhythm on the drums, memorable riffs and verses. This band hails from Sao Paulo, this is their second full length album released through Black Hole Productions 2012. "Carve The Host", punk and hardcore influences mix with death metal is how they describe themselves and its very accurate, although I think they have their own sound developing. The album layout is appealing to me. Dark sepia format with very dark imagery including some awesome ink work for the cover. The production is pure and raw witch is perfect for the style being projected. "The Last Spectral Convoy", has to be my favorite track, like a ghost rising from deep slumber and stepping into the realm to torment the living, this is what I summarize from the lyrical content, well thought out. "Transition Compulsory" reminds me of old Sepultura track but quickly transform into a punk stomp song, very cool- dual vocals comprise the majority of these songs, which give them a unique harmonized feel. You will be interested to know they just released an EP Graveyard Incantation an it can be purchased at the bands bandcamp site- The Black Coffins Band Camp. Overall a very enjoyable experience, the band is able to mix the three genres without any bleed through. The paranormal themes and dark imagery all come together to give the listener a unique ride to remember in their worst nightmares.
Frank G.  
Physical publication in AEA zine #22

The Black Coffins FB
The Black Coffins BC


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