Thursday, May 15, 2014

Winter Nights - An Endless Apocalypse

Winter Nights is a four piece band from New York City, genre is described as Bone-Crushing melodic death metal. Members are Jeremy Farfan - Lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Efrain Farfan - Lead guitar and backing vocals. Martin Tune - bass, Mike Malleo - Drummer.

An Endless Apocalypse - self released album May 16th 2014. The group started back in 2007 and released two previous demos, Deceptive dreams and What Compels The Dead in May 2010. The new album begins with an epic intro track "Uprise and Fall", good quality recording, intense guitar work. The album goes right into the title track, An Endless Apocalypse, I must say, it brings back memories of old In Flames and early Amon Amarth. Well executed arrangements with warm guitar tones. Nuclear Winter begins with a dominant bass line, punchy and tremendous. The Pledge gives me a more aggressive feeling than the previous songs. The vocals are deeper and the opening riffs are hard driven. The Pleasures of War, interesting title. I would say this song sounds trash metal style, like Overkill or D.R.I., I really like the solo in this track, it is very memorable and fits perfectly in the composition. One of my favorite songs on this album is Deceptive Dreams, in contrast to the entire album, this one starts with a clean acoustic guitar building up into an intense atmosphere. I feel this song captures all the strengths of the band, melodic, crushing, hard driven and progressive.

In conclusion, a strong debut. The album highlights the bands strong points and shows they can be both intense, brutal and then melodic at just the right moments. It will be interesting to see how they evolve in the coming year. Be sure to listen to their previous demo releases and support them at a venue near you.


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