Friday, August 29, 2014

Under Attack - High On Metal / The Aftermath

Under Attack is a four piece band from Falkenberg/Nässjö. High On Metal/The Aftermath released on April 2014. Current members Björn: Guitars, Mattias: Drums, Anders: Bass.

The album is a combination of two EPs. After listening to the opening tracks, my impression is the band has very early thrash metal roots with a tinge of melodic hymns. Production on the first five songs lacks punch on the drums, they are there but sound quieter in the mix. You can hear the difference once the second EP starts, the production is much better. The song Wolf has some howling samples which fit the track. Then is followed by Aftermath, this song features a nice solo and some memorable chorus lines. I get the feeling of traveling back the the late eighties with some of these songs. Overall a good effort in capturing the essence of those days of metal. There are some new members involved in this project and they are working on a new album, it will be interesting how they can evolve from this first attempt. ~Artemortifica

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