Friday, August 29, 2014

Devil Lee Rot - Doom Devilution

As much as I searched there was very little info on this band other than the vocalist being Devil Lee Rot. Cool name. The album is Doom Devilution released on May 2014.

Production quality is not the best but I am sure is not something they are worried about with this style of raw doom metal aspiration. In trying to describe the style. I found difficulty putting my finger on what that would be, there's a good amount of vocals that could be classified as black metal but then the are baritone vocals that remind me of a dark Type of Negative vibe. The drums are subtle and provide a simple rhythm never going into any kind of blast or any complicated beats. Guitars have slight distortion and the compositions are not complex at all. Not sure if I heard any bass lines in the mix but if they are there I had a hard time picking them out. Here are some of the song titles,  Devils Weed,  You Are My Drug (Or a Needle in My Heart), Sadness of the Unlight and many others. The album is about 45 minutes long and is much of the same arrangement through out. Unless you are very open minded when it comes to music you may pass this up but if you are, give it a listen. ~ Artemortifica 

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