Thursday, October 23, 2014

Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene

Internal Rot is a three piece band from Melbourne. Members are Brad - guitars, Christoph - drums, Max - vocals. Genre described as Grindcore.

Mental Hygiene released on September twenty 2014 through Blastasfuk Records. As you might aspect the production is crude and raunchy which is fitting for the content. The instruments however are tight and recorded a good performance. Fast and destructive is the name of the game and they do it well. There are twenty compositions in total with the longest one being around six minutes and the shortest coming in at a blistering speed of just ten seconds.

Many of the tracks are similar in structure as they are meant to be heavy fast raw and in your face, which is great, so which ones stand out the most?, well I would say the track Lashed With Viscera, clever title and catchy riffs. Teeth Eating, I enjoyed this one because it reminds me of old Napalm Death. In conclusion, a great release and lives up to the grindcore experience. I recommended for fans of Brutal Truth, Terrorizer and Napalm Death. ~Artemortifica 

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