Sunday, May 3, 2015

Torrens Conscientium - All Alone With The Thoughts

Torrens Conscientium is a three piece band consisting of Sergei Korolyov, Alina Tishenko, Sergei Rachinskii. Genre described as Doom Metal. Band origin Simferopol (Crimea)

All Alone With The Thoughts album released on October 20th 2014, Solitude Productions. I spent a considerable amount of time listening to this album to the point of obsession. The music has a way of wrapping its dark tentacles around your mind. With many bands starting to explore the doom metal genre, it is hard to find bands that know how to do it well. This band managed to capture the essence of those doom metal roots and are highlighted well in the projection of each and every riff in this album. The production is great, the guitars sound really good on both clean strumming passages as well as the heavier distorted riffs. The bass is pronounced and well defined. Solid and crushing drum sound. To be honest, this is one of those albums that once you hit the play button, you can just let every song play in full and never skip any of them. If I must pick a favorite, it would be "Immersion", this track is just monumental in its melodies and heavy transitions. The drums just make this song intense at every turn and the dual low and high vocals are done perfectly evoking deep and dark emotions, it is absolutely amazing to my ears and I never get tired of listening to it. Hitcher, thunderous in its delivery, the opening is wall shattering. The vocals are just brutal and destructive and fit the massive riffs perfectly. The melodic clean symphonies linger in my head and are memorable long after the song is finished. Being Lonely, one of the longer tracks on this album but, a most epic and dark experience for my ears. Consider the fact that the albums I listen to consist of 80% death metal, it is seldom that I find myself enjoying a good and well executed doom metal album such as this. 

In conclusion, the band has created an epic and memorable album that can rival most doom bands out there. Think of bands like Paradise Lost, Novembers Doom, End of Green and Dreadful Shadows. An album that should not be passed up and it is worth adding to your collection.