Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hacavitz - Darkness Beyond

Hacavitz is a four piece band consisting of Antimo Bounanno - Vox & Guitar, Ivan Ochoa - Guitars, Cesar "Led" Sanchez - Drums, Ulises Sanchez - Bass. Genre described as Black Metal. Band origin Mexico

Darkness Beyond album released on February 24 2015 on Dark Descent Records. Seven bone crushing hymns of madness and torture in classic B/M style. Catchy and well thought out arrangements. The production is very solid. Raw distorted guitars and powerful drums. The vocals are spine shaking and are heavy on the reverb effect which adds to the evil being projected. With a large amount of bands exploring this style, the band does not break any new ground but hold their own ground with its gritty and punishing riffs. Some of the tracks that stood out the most to me would have to be "Livskit", reminds me of old Mayhem rhythms. De Humo Negro y Ceniza which is translated to Of Black Smoke and Ashes, obviously the lyrics are mostly in spanish but I was still able to make out the evil verses with no problem. Time Is Now, this particular song reminds me of old Behemoth with its clever and catchy phrases and devastating slow crushing progression.   

In conclusion, a well delivered slab of evil with the b/m roots well established and defined. fans of early black metal bands like Behemoth, Demonic Christ, Bathory, Mayhem and Black Witchery will want to add this one to their collection.