Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Groteskh: New Promo Video

To celebrate the end of their latest national tour, Austrian black metallers Groteskh have uploaded a video which features some of the live action they've experienced while promoting their latest effort "Code: End", released on May 15th via Cursed Records..

The footage was recorded between May 15th and June 13th in the following cities and venues:
-15.05.2015: Klagenfurt - ((stereo))
-16.05.2015: Linz - Central (Celebrare Noctem)
-22.05.2015: Wien - Escape Metalcorner
-05.06.2015: Club Q - Graz
-13.06.2015: Urbankeller Salzburg

"Code: End" is available for sale in the following links:
Cursed Records: cursedrecords
Bandcamp: cursedrecords-bandcamp