Carnival Of Flesh new video from album Anthems of Extinction "The One"

 Carnival of Flesh, the symphonic black metal outlet hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, just released the second music video from the “Anthems of Extinction” album.

"The One" is a video essay and a love letter to the oppressive and divisive political regimes we see in power today. Compared to their award-winning debut video, "Tropical Plunder", this video is considerably faster-paced and narrative-driven (rather than atmospheric).

Equally the first video single from the album, "The One" was filmed and produced by Graveyard Neighbour Photography, with drone shots were done by Dušan Rančić.

While Serbian fans had the chance to hear "The One" live back on Festival of Serbian Underground VII, the better part of "Anthems of Extinction" was never performed live, due to delays related to COVID limitations and personnel change. Carnival of Flesh are now aiming to perform the new material in its entirety in the spring of this year.

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