Ob Nixilis exclusive interview and their latest album


Hello and welcome to Metal Music Midwest, first off, thanks for taking the time to do the interview.  Could you give our readers a brief description of the band?  Where is the band from?

We are Ob Nixilis hailing from Colorado Springs, CO USA.  We are a melodic blackened death metal band consisting of four members.  Jeremy is our drummer/lead vocalist, Manny plays guitar and does backing vocals, Matt plays guitar and Joe plays the bass.  The band started in the bleak winter of 2020 when Jeremy and Manny first met and began to jam together and write songs as a two piece.  Shortly after they began regular rehearsals, they were joined by former bassist, Pat, and they began work on writing the material for the band's first EP, Grimoire of the Dead.  

As a three-piece band, they played some house shows and some local shows, and then upon Pat’s departure from the band, they were joined by current bassist Joe. The band began to actively seek a second guitarist to complete the lineup, and after a few guitarists tried out for the band, Matt was brought into the lineup.  When Matt first entered the band, it was extremely easy to teach Matt the material that the band already had, as well as incorporating Matt into the song writing process. The band has had its current lineup for over a year.

2-“Abhorred” is your new album, how long did it take to write?

Abhorred is an interesting album because 2 of the songs from the album were songs that Jeremy and Manny wrote when they first started working on material together. So those two songs have been worked on, re-organized and orchestrated a handful of times, and as new members have been added to the band, the songs have diversified and have only gotten better as new parts were added by new members. So realistically, the album has been being worked on for over two years. 

Having gone through lineup changes and song re-writes as well as writing new songs and then teaching the new songs to new members, it has been an ongoing process for 2 years.  Now that the lineup of the band is solidified and everyone is familiar with the songs and structure, writing new material is constantly in the works and new material for our next album is already in the works.

3-What musical influences inspired the songwriting?

As individuals, we all listen to various metal bands. We all listen to a lot of the same bands, but we all also listen to different music styles that some of the other band members may not. Jeremy for instance listens to a lot of old school hip hop, Manny listens to a lot of 80’s hair metal and power metal as well as listening to flamenco styles of music. Matt really dives deep into the underground black metal scene as well as industrial, atmospheric electronic music. Joe listens to a lot of old school black metal and death metal but also listens to jazz and classical. 

So, there are many different genres being funneled into the band in one way or another. A lot of the bands main source of inspiration comes from Dissection, Illnath, Kardeshev, Behemoth, Hypocrisy, and Immolation.

4-When did the band start? Can you tell us more?

The band originally started with just Jeremy and Manny in the winter of 2020. The pandemic was in full effect currently, so Jeremy and Manny had a lot of time to write material. They were then joined by the band's first bassist, Pat, and they started to play some house shows in the Colorado Springs area. Upon Pats departure from the band, current bassist Joe joined the band, and the band finished the writing of the EP ‘Grimoire of the Dead’ and recorded it and released it as the band's first EP.

       5-The album title is “Abhorred”, can you give us details about the content and a more in depth meaning to this title?

As a band, we really wanted to produce an album title that was strong yet subtle at the same time. A lot of our lyrical concepts and ideas have to do with social unrest, tragedy, gore, and self-induced pain and suffering. Our lyrical concepts and topics may seem fictional at first, but there are a lot of real-world applications that these ideas associate with. So, titling the album Abhorred was our way of informing the listener of what they will find when they listen to the album. There are a lot of topics within the album that refer to hatred and loathing and titling the album Abhorred just fit the overall theme of the album so well.

6-Have you performed any shows in your area? If so, how receptive, and supportive are the people to your music?

Yes, we have performed many shows in our hometown as well as surrounding cities. The local metal scene here in Colorado is great! There are a ton of great local acts that we get to perform with, and the crowd reception has been phenomenal! We pride ourselves on providing a high energy show from start to finish that does not let down on the intensity. 

Our hometown crowd always comes out to our shows, and we are always striving to get our music out further and further and our fans have been incredibly supportive and helpful in doing so. Fans who come out to see us for the first time are always blown away with from the energy that our songs carry, and we also love getting to talk to current and new fans as much as we can.

7-Are there any upcoming shows or tours you can tell us about?

We currently have a show lined up for February 25, 2023, in our hometown of Colorado Springs at a venue here called Vultures. We will be playing alongside Kalakuta, Suicide Forest and Clarion Void.  This is going to be a great show with some local heavy bands as well as finally getting to play with Suicide Forest who are from New Mexico. After that, we have a show on March 3, 2023, at the same venue and we will be playing with Matriarch and Nightwraith.  

We are really looking forward to both these shows and the show on February 25 will be our first hometown show since our album has dropped so we are expecting it to be a big turnout. We are looking forward to lining up tours in the future, but as of right now, nothing is solidified yet.

8-Thanks for your participation. Finally, what is the best way to get a hold of the band, in case someone wants to book or promote you? Any final words?

The best way for anyone to get a hold of us would be through our Instagram which is @ob_nixilisofficial. Other than Instagram, you can reach out to us on our Facebook page or our Bandcamp page.

We want to say thank you so much for having us and be sure to check out Abhorred if you haven't already! Check out our Bandcamp page for some awesome merch!

We look forward to seeing you all out there on the road sooner rather than later!



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