Darker Than Fiction - Pharos (Visualizer/Lyric Video)

Today I would like to introduce my readers to the band Darker Than Fiction and their brand new lyric video Pharos. 

Darker Than Fiction is a five piece band consisting of CJ Parker, Josh Hall, Jamie Moore, Andy Hillis and Josh Hedden. Their sound is described via their official band page as "A blend of cutthroat down-tuned aggression and haunting melodic passages".

The band is from Peoria Illinois. They got their start in 2017. Their Youtube channel features three videos with the latest one "Pharos" gaining big momentum. 

The majority of my post here on Metal Music Midwest are interviews and promotion. It is rare that I do reviews anymore but the band recently played at The WC Club and I had a chance to see them live. They brought a lot of energy to the stage and the people responded with great admiration for the songs they were delivering that evening. Pharos was one of those songs amongst others. 

I need to state that my perspective of the music is from a early death metal point of view and I'm somewhat familiar with the style of music here but only a very small amount of exposure. I'll do my best to give it a good overall opinion of what I think about it.

A heavy attack right from the start. The opening riff is catchy with solid drums driving the momentum here. Closest thing that I can compare this sound to is a band called Shadows Fall, that's what I think about when I hear the vocals. Another close band would be Pissing Razors from early 2000's. 

A melodic part comes in at around the one minute mark and are complimented with fitting vocals. The transition here was a nice surprise from the darker heavier singing at the start. I have to say how much I enjoy the heavy guitar tone. Very punishing sound, I'm guessing a b tuning or even a C tuning on some of the riffs.

Around the two and a half minute mark comes the part that really struck me as amazing. This melody here is well crafted and put in just the right place, perfect build up and brings both vocal styles together in great unison.


Below are the two main links for you to check out more of their music.

Youtube Channel HERE

Official site HERE


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