Ego Planet new Interview and talks about their latest release

1- Hello and welcome to Metal Music NEWS and interviews. Our readers are excited to get to know you and your band. Could you give us a brief description of the group? Where is the band from?

Ego Planet is a heavy rock band based out of New Jersey that came about from some demos I was working on over the pandemic. I got into a great rhythm over the lockdown of writing 2-3 instrumental demos a week for fun just to keep my guitar chops up. After sitting on the tunes for awhile I teamed up with Jarrett Mead (vocals) and Steve Iannettoni (drums) to record our first singles/full length and Ego Planet was born! 

2- "Ego Planet" is the band's debut full album. How long did it take to compose and record?

Our debut album will be self titled. It took us roughly two years to write, record, mix/master and self fund. 

3- What musical influences inspire the band's compositions?

For the musical side of things I draw from a wide variety of bands. A lot of classic metal meets modern metal. Some of the biggest influences that inspired this album are bands like The Sword, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. 

4- The group started in 2020. Can you tell us how did the members all meet?

We started working on music for Ego Planet in 2020. I met both Jarrett and Steve when I was about 12/13 years old at a school of rock music. We’ve all been playing music together for most of our lives. 

5- The new album is self-titled. Tell us the details about the content and a more in-depth meaning to this title?

I let Jarrett answer this ha! - “I really let Chris’s instrumental demos guide me toward the lyrics on the album. A lot of the tracks have this huge energy and urgency to them, so the main themes that kept coming out in the lyrics were ones of social upheaval and unrest. But we also got to have some fun playing around with fantasy and horror storytelling on tracks like Faceless Children and Dead Man’s Float.”

6- Are the current members of this Ego Planet part of another band or project? Or is everyone dedicated solely to the group? How do you maintain a good balance working together?

Steve and myself play in a cover band called The Way Outs. Being on the same working schedule helps keep things balanced. 

7- Have you performed any shows in your area? If so, how receptive and supportive are the people of your music?

We haven’t played any shows yet. Working on some dates for later this year. 

8- Are there any upcoming shows or tours you can tell us about?

As mentioned before we are working on some dates later this year based around the promotion of our first album. 

9- Thanks for your participation. Finally, what is the best way to get a hold of the group just in case someone wants to book or promote the band? Any final words?

Thanks for having us! The best way to get in touch is via email - 

We can’t wait to share this album later this year! 

Chris Baker (founder/guitarist) 

Music and band promotion visit 


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