Samael's Fall - Till Now

Thrash Death metal from Mirano (VE). Samael's Fall is a four piece band which got started in 2008. This is their first album "Till Now". The album starts with a clean acoustic piece entitled "Waiting For" its melodic and solid, this leads us into the first song "The Darkest Day", intense, brutal and grabs my attention. "Till Now" is the title track, loving the drums on here, solid precision double kicks and involved fills. I really dig the guitars in this song, both speed and triplet action make this song brutal as fuck. "Beyond The Violence" sweet sounding bass riff kicks this one off. The DM style comes through perfectly. Once the vocals come in it most definitely mosh inducing vibe. I have to say this is my favorite song on this album. "Hit me Bitch", experience a high level of dynamics on the drums, Marco Rizzo knows his stuff. Aggressive riffs and intense chorus will have you spinning this one for some time. "Never Say Enough", speaking on production, its high quality. Impressive values even at high volume everything stays balanced. "Drunk", simple title but complex song, nice arrangement. "Bang Your Head" is a song that originally appeared on the bands first EP, a mosh anthem for sure, short and to the point, I can see many slamming hard to this song. "Warrior Line", strong and punishing. Some really cool solos happening on here, its great to listen to this. "Crucified and Nailed", is the final track and there are different aspects of riffing which keep the music interesting through out. The drums are delivering on rolls and double kicks all across this arrangement. This album is clear evolution of the band and I think many metal fans will be adding this one to their collection. You can follow the band on FB as well as other sites YouTube and Reverbnation.

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