Cyhyraeth - Servants To The Fire

Cyhyraeth is a metal band from Dallas Texas. Members are, Jessica McCain - Lead Vocals, Alex Jack- Guitar/Vocals, Zachary Marsden - Guitar, Zach Palmer - Bass, Dan Mitch- Drums. The band started in 2011.

Servants To The Fire album self released on December 24th 2014. The album consist of eleven songs. My first impression is the music is metal oriented and contains elements of modern metal riffs from bands like Arch Enemy, Heaven Shall Burn and Lamb of God. Jessica's vocals are spot on both on the low end death metal style as well as the clean singing, a very talented and impressive performance on this album. The track A Farewell To Harm is a perfect example of the pitch ranges exhibited by the vocalist. The music is well structured. Power and aggression is in full effect through the album. Beyond the melodic aspect of the music there are some heavy hitters on this record as well, Mutation, Awakening and Indoctrinate are intense, like a tank plowing through fields, the fierce energy comes full force at you.

My final thoughts, this debut album hits hard and contains many of the elements the make a solid and crushing record. Great solos by the guitarist. Vocals melodic and heavy. Drums construct the perfect ground for all of it to come together. I recommended for fans of both old and new generation of metal. ~Artemortifca



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