Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bloodlust - Cultus Diaboli

Bloodlust is black/thrash metal band from Perth Western Australia. Two members include Spectre and Disaster.

Cultus Diaboli released on limited edition cassette through Iron, Blood & Death Corporation 2015.
Formed in 2011 the group first released a demo "Thrashing Black Devil Worship" and "Death Magic Rites" 2013. My first impression, raw and chaotic. The fires of hell have been conjured up and brought forth the fury of the early days of black/thrash. Think of groups like Venom, Devastator, early Sepultura and Sodom. Plenty of gut shredding solos and pummeling drum beats like tanks rolling through the streets. The songs that stood out the most would have to be Crowned in Black Fire, Spell of the Raven Witch and Rex Inferni in Terra (The Antichrist Enthroned). The production is not the best but it sure does add to the early era feel of the sounds.

Final thoughts, if you like your metal raw and devastating with the hell fires raging all around than this is a must for your collection. ~Artemortifica