Aleacion Zine #7- review

Aleacion Zine 7, pure underground metal publication from Santa Cruz - Bolivia. Published date February 2012. Editor William Pedro Flores B. B/W Full page, written in spanish. Issue copy #86 provided by Dave W. of Aea zine.

Feature interviews include Baalberith, Demonic War, Ecuador Cadaver, Embalmed Soul, Frozen Darkness, In Infernal War, Kay Pacha, Lost in Darkness, Neferio, Unholy Force, Vomito Blasfemo, and Onslaughter Art Kill. Traditional demonic art on the cover by artist Tori. This is a well balanced zine, I enjoyed reading it page to page. The interview questions are clever and intriguing an offer a good look at the bands progress and in depth look at each particular metal scene in their country of origin. The interview with Kay Pacha is my favorite, a band that until now I never heard of, interesting to note they come from a small village and mix their black metal with their ancestral roots. There are four pages worth of zine reviews most from South America and a few from Spain. The Bolivian BM/DM underground is vast and without zines like Aleacion these bands would not get the recognition they deserve. If you like albun/demo reviews, you will find seven pages worth of material to investigate. To get in contact, send email to


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