Parasitic Ejaculation - Rationing the Sacred Human Remains

Ghastly Music release July 22 2013 Full length album "Rationing the Sacred Human Remains" by Parasitic Ejaculation - Brutal Death Slam band hailing from Santa Cruz, CA. Members are: Jonathan Neel - Vocals, Donovan Dettle - Drums, Josh Schwartz - Bass, Michael Mostachetti - Guitar.

Opening and title track "Rationing the Sacred Human Remains" waste no time and sets the mood for the murderous onslaught awaiting all unsuspecting victims. Heavy and destructive are my first thoughts. Slow mosh type rhythms tainted with spine tingling pitch harmonics grab my attention. Onto "Cerebral Vivisection", nice slasher intro, sliding riffs and heavy bass tones. "Esophageal Decay" (feat: Tyler Sharpes), this song starts with the drums. Clear solid performance, precise double kick work and interesting dynamics. I enjoy the vocal exchange, guttural, rotted and visceral. "Slow Torture Puke Chamber", another sample of sickening thoughts, perfect for the coming beast of a track. There are mini samples intertwine between this composition and fit rather well. The verse where the bass and vocals solo for a measure then the entire band kicks in will surely make people run violently into a mosh pit situation. "Exuding Degenerative Cadavers",  interesting title. I will have to say this song is more on the death metal style of riffing as compare to the others. Good execution. "Tailor Of Human Flesh", complex arrangement of rhythms, this track features a variety of chords from open to chugging to slam, probably one of my favorites thus far. "Intrauterine Omophagia", some of the bands that come to mind as I listen to this song are groups like Gorgasm, Gorod, Mortician, Cerebral Bore, Putrid Pile and Devour The Unborn. "Impale Neurosis", heavy sick violent, captive bass arrangement in the opening measure followed by deep brutalizing guitar tones. "Distribution For Devourment" (feat. Zack Shaw), a perfect way to end this journey, intense and crushing. Solid drum work captured with clarity and vocals completely devastate.

In conclusion, the album maintains a high level of adrenaline from beginning to end. Production is great, all the instruments are accurate and balanced well. The band also has a previous release that should be experienced too. "Sickening Conduct", released back in the summer of 2012. Be sure to visit them on FB and Bandcamp.


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