Zombie Ritual Fanzine 2 review

Underground metal fanzine from Mexico. A full page black and white print filled with interviews and reviews of some of the underground thrash, death, and black metal bands from Mexico and around the world. Only 1000 copies were printed. The writer and producer of the zine is Victor Varas. This  publication was made available in the early months of 2012. He also has the ongoing web version of Zombie Ritual Fanzine.

Written mostly in Spanish, there are few reviews in English. The editorial describes the ups and downs he went through to accomplish issue two. Creating a total of 32 pages and having a few computer crashes that presented hurdles and finally being able to complete the task. By reading the entire zine you can tell he really has a passion for it. I enjoy the mix of interviews and reviews plus a few ads for other underground labels hosting a wide range of metal oriented materials. Some of my favorite interviews in this zine are Sectioned, Inhearted, Agony Lord, Strike Master, and most enjoyable read; interview with Ian Hill (Bass player Judas Priest). 

The album reviews are well thought out and you can tell he spend time listening and investigating each band, giving reviews that are honest and in depth. There is also a section of Zine reviews from other parts of the world which he also wrote about even though some were not in English or Spanish he gave it his honest opinion regardless of the language. Not sure if there will be an issue three, but, I am certain the web based version continues daily so be sure to check that out. You can contact for more info at -info@zombieritualzine.com 
Copy of this issue was provide to me
by: Dave Wolf at AEA zine visit here facebook.com/aea.zine



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