Coraxo - Starlit Flame

Coraxo band from Tampere. They consist of members Tomi Toivonen- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Programming, Ville Vistbacka-Drums. They describe their genre as Industrial/Electro Metal. Starlit Flame is the debut EP released independently on January 2014.

The EP begins with the song entitled "01 LV-426 J318.5-22", my first thoughts are, experimental, trippy, sci fi and captivating. Signal Detected, is track two, heavy guitars and twisted synth work. Xenotaph, very much industrial feeling. Dissonant chords on the keyboards. I enjoy the metal riffing the most. The vocals remind me of early In Flames. The Big Fight Scene, strap yourselves in and hold on tight, this track has much to offer combining industrial and heavy riffing along with the space sounds and devastating drum work. Transformed, like taking a ride on a UFO and landing on Pluto. Spoken samples and subtle rhythms. Escape, interesting guitar work. The vocals do remind of early Carcass albums. The final track on here is a Sepultura cover "Refuse Resist", an unexpected and surprising composition. Being a long time Sepultura fan I listened with intent, I really enjoy this version, the band really gave it their own tinge and kept it reasonable and engaging.

My final thoughts, this is a welcomed change compared to all the material I have received in the past week. I enjoyed all the surprises and each song kept my interest from moment to moment. Fans of Industrial, experimental and heavy metal will find much to like in this EP.



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